Do you know the history of this South Hyde Park block?


The McClure-Norrington Chevy dealership stood at 4524 Troost in this 1940 photo.

SOUTH-HYDE-PARKAs part of our Uncovering History Project, the Midtown KC Post is taking a look at the 1940 tax assessment photos of each block in Midtown.

Today, we look at residences and businesses in the South Hyde Park neighborhood, from 45th Street south to Brush Creek, from Gillham/Harrison to Troost.

As you can see from the photos in the slide show and in the Sanborn Fire Insurance Map (below), Troost Avenue was dominated by auto-related businesses in 1940. The block also included the Fire Department Hose Company 31 and Fire Engine Company 11.

sanborn-for-11-267-copyAlong Gillham, there were rows of small bungalows that make up much of South Hyde Park’s internal streets.

The slideshow we have posted below shows the structures that existed that year.

But we would like your help. Do you remember this block in 1940 or in the years since? What special memories do you have of this section of this area?

What questions do you have about it?

We’ll share your history and help to preserve it on our website. Would you like us to focus on your block next week?

Send us an email.

Photos courtesy Kansas City Public Library, Missouri Valley Special Collections. 


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  1. Lisa Madden says:

    I lived with my parents at 4501 Gillham Road from by birth, January 1964 until sometime in 1970. I recall that home being divided into three apartments. We lived on one floor at the time of my birth, I believe the third floor and then a few years later, we moved to the second floor.
    Good times.

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