Update: July 31, 2016

Midtown KC Post refocuses efforts on history

Four years ago, the Midtown KC Post was relaunched as an online site covering news and information of interest to Midtown Kansas City, specifically the two dozen neighborhoods in the area between 31st and 55th, State Line and The Paseo. Since then, we’ve published five days a week, bringing you stories about development and redevelopment, happenings at city hall, neighborhood issues, small businesses and nonprofits.

A few years ago, we added Midtown neighborhood history to our weekly news mix. And since then, by far, these posts about the history of each block of Kansas City have generated the most interest, conversation and reaction from our readers.

That’s why we’re happy to announce the Midtown KC Post will refocus its efforts on history going forward. We’ll still offer the most-popular feature, our Monday history story that looks in depth at one block of Midtown, and we’ll still ask our readers to share their memories and thoughts block by block as a way of preserving important memories.

In order to do a better job in that area, we’re cutting back on our coverage of day-to-day news and neighborhood issues. That’s not because we don’t think they are important: in fact, news coverage of Midtown is critically important right now.   The area faces challenges as it becomes a magnet for developers, school options are expanded, and areas like the Troost corridor are reborn. And communication about neighborhoods issues from a neighborhood perspective is a void in most news coverage. I hope someone will figure out a way to make Midtown news financially viable and relevant to a broader audience.

Meanwhile, expect to receive the same Midtown history posts from us at least once a week. We’ll still have a presence on Facebook and Twitter and if you are on our email newsletter list, you’ll continue to get regular (although not daily) updates. And please keep giving us ideas for history you’d like to read about and keep sending family photos, stories and other memories so we can continue to build a repository of history about this historic and vibrant part of town.

Mary Jo Draper

Editor, Midtown KC Post

Our staff

Editor Mary Jo Draper spent 15 years as a reporter and news director at KCUR, Kansas City’s public radio station. She has also worked with various businesses and nonprofits on public relations and community engagement projects. Draper served as president fo the Valentine Neighborhood Association for several years.

joelambeReporter Joe Lambe covered the county courts for the Kansas City Star for more than 20 years. He now reports on activities at city hall as well as crime and local history.


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