Do you know the history of this Heart of Westport block?

11-298-14 11-298-17As part of our Uncovering History Project, the Midtown KC Post is taking a look at the 1940 tax assessment photos of each block in Midtown.

The slideshow we have posted below shows the structures that existed that year.

Today, we look at residences and businesses in Westport, in today’s Heart of Westport neighborhood and the Westport entertainment district.  It is a small block, but you may well recognize a few of the businesses which have not changed that much over the years.

But we would like your help. Do you remember this block in 1940 or in the years since? What special memories do you have of this section of Westport?

What questions do you have about it?

We’ll share your history and help to preserve it on our website. Would you like us to focus on your block next week?

Send us an email.

Photos courtesy Kansas City Public Library, Missouri Valley Special Collections. 

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2 responses to “Do you know the history of this Heart of Westport block?”

  1. jan pickett Avatar
    jan pickett

    I moved into the house where my grandparents lived at 3952 Central in the spring of 1956. I lived there until I graduated high school in 1969 and my parents sold the house in 10970. I stared my first bank account at Westport bank, my father and brother got their hair cut at the barber shop behind our house on Broadway. We bought groceries at the Safeway on Westport road and at the Milgram at Westport road and Main. I spent hours at the library on Westport road. IBEW was in the building where Pryds is now. They used to set up a manger scene on the grassy area across the street from the library. I could go on for hours.

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