Do you know the history of this Valentine neighborhood block?

11-116-27As part of our Uncovering History Project, the Midtown KC Post is taking a look at the 1940 tax assessment photos of each block in Midtown.

A reader named Natalia asked us about her block, the 3500 block of Pennsylvania. Since that’s right down the street from Midtown KC Post headquarters, and since we are currently working on a book on Valentine neighborhood history, we’re happy to oblige.

overview-mapSo today’s slideshow features residences and apartment buildings in the Valentine neighborhood, from 35th Street south to Valentine Road, and Jefferson Street east to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Just east of these blocks on Broadway were the Kansas City Life Insurance Company at 3520 Broadway, and the luxury Woodlea Hotel at 3544 Broadway, demolished in 1955 after Kansas City Life bought it in 1950. The Norman School is just to the west on Summit Street (Southwest Trafficway).

This Sanborn Fire Insurance map (right) shows the homes, businesses and apartments as they stood around the time these photos were taken.

The slideshow at the end of this post shows all of the buildings that existed when the 1940 tax photos were taken.

But we’d like to hear what you remember of this block. We’ll share your history and help to preserve it on our website.

Would you like us to focus on your block next week? Send us an email.

Maps and photos courtesy Kansas City Public Library Missouri Valley Special Collections.

Pre-order our new book, Kansas City’s Historic Midtown Neighborhoods, now. Publication date is March 16. Let us know if you want us to come to your neighborhood association or organization’s meeting to share what we’ve learned about Midtown neighborhood history and tell your members how they can help preserve Midtown history. Order the book


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  1. Amy Pering says:

    I own a house at 4130 Terrace St, 64111. I know it was built in 1890 and would like to see old pictures and know the history of the house and the area.

  2. Karen Vigliano says:

    Had an eccentric cousin lived about3300 block on Broadway, west side. Torn down 1960’s. Nice old house. Also I worked at KC life 1967 -1969. Sorry no photos. I am 3rd generation kansasCitian. Now live denver. I have heard that a Romanif lived somewhere in Valentine, in a kind of estste in the middle. My dad said they were there when he was in high school 1930’s, Pasep hs.

    Sorry not pix.

  3. Karen Vigliano says:

    Just gossip. Find friends of Richard Owens, southeast HS 1959. Some of the Helicon Nine ladies may have stuff.

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