Do you remember this block of Warwick and Walnut from 43rd to 44th Streets?

A recent Google maps view of the 4300 block of Walnut, with homes that date back to the beginning of the 20th century.
A recent Google maps view of the 4300 block of Walnut.

One important name stands out in the history of a block of the Southmoreland neighborhood from Warwick Boulevard west to Walnut and from 43rd to 44th, that of architect Albert Turney. Perhaps best known for design of Kansas City Fire Department Building #2 in 1905, Turney was also responsible for several homes on this block and just across Warwick on the eastern side of the street (see the profile of that block).

As part of our Uncovering History Project, the Midtown KC Post is taking a look at the 1940 tax assessment photos of each block in Midtown. This week we’re focusing on a block Warwick to Walnut, from 43rd to 44th in the Southmoreland neighborhood.  (Many people seem confused by the tax assessment photos, which all include a man holding a sign. Here’s the story behind them).

big-sanbornTurney must have seen promise in the developing Southmoreland neighborhood when he decided to build several homes there in around 1910.

Turney had established a name for himself, with his earliest known house design being a 1890 home at 3334 Harrison. He also designed the city’s new fire station in 1905.

He built the homes in Southmoreland to sell to those looking to move south. In 1910, he advertised the home at 4307 Warwick this way:

Just completed 13 large rooms solid rosewood, English walnut and mahogany woodwork (not stained wood), 2 Italian marble bathrooms, built by architect on classical lines, never to go out of style $30,000

The following year he was attempting to sell 4306 Warwick, saying “Discriminating people who want the very best in quality and values will look at 4306 Warwick Boulevard, Rockhill.”

The pitch apparently appealed to Charles B. Russell of the Russell Brokerage Company, who bought the home in 1911 for $16,000.

Newspapers from the period don’t tell us much more about the block, but the 1940 photos in the slideshow below show the homes as they looked then.

We also have some interesting history on 4306 Warwick contributed by a reader, which we will be sharing in a post tomorrow, so check back for that.

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  Historic photos courtesy Kansas City Public Library/Missouri Valley Special Collections.

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