You’re invited over to Troost for a Play Day Saturday


Could you build a community through play? The organizer of the Leela Village Community Play Day and Potluck thinks so. You’re invited to join in this Saturday.

Once a month, Devi Wetterer invites people over to Troost for a community play day.

The idea, she says, is that when you bring people together through play, they create bonds.

She thinks kids, adults, everyone can benefit.

In everyday life, she thinks, we “lose the ability and joy of being.”

The play day is part of the Leela Village Project at Ubuntu Village, which is designed to develop and enrich youth and families through encounters with neighbors, community, and nature.

“We are proponents of the idea that learning and community-building happen through playing together. We provide positive, playful, interactive, structured, creative, and nature-based learning activities to foster development of self-expression, self-esteem, life skills, socializing, and leadership in a safe and nurturing environment,” she says in an email invitation.

This month, the event will include belly dancing, giant bubbles, animals, creating art and more. It all wraps up with a potluck at 5:30

For the June date, Wetterer reached out to neighbors across Midtown asking them to attend the play day as well.

“We want to build bridges with our neighbor communities through our community play days and potlucks. Too often we attend neighboring community events but don’t really get to know our neighbors,”” she says.



Leela Village Community Playday and potluck on June 15, Saturday, June 15, 3-7 p.m. at Ubuntu Village Community Center at 4327 Troost Ave.

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