Recap: Last week in Midtown Kansas City (May 31– June 7)

untitled-(10-of-21)Last week we brought you Midtown Kansas City stories about the the minimum wage issue, city finances, and the history of Armour Boulevard.

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In an unusual twist, city council members on Thursday praised all who helped land a prison in the West Bottoms.

The debate over whether to raise the minimum wage and what impact it would have on both workers and businesses continued. A citizen group began meeting to put together a recommendation for the city council. On Friday, fast food workers rallied on the steps of city hall to support an increase to $15 an hour.

Also at city hall, finance officials said the city is in too much debt. It is managing the debt well, but could face a crisis if voters do not renew the earnings tax next year.

Several Midtown sites, including buildings on Armour Boulevard and the area around the Nelson-Atkins Museum, are on this year’s list of most endangered buildings.

Our Uncovering History feature looked at the block of Amour south to 36th Street, from Troost tForest, the scene of a 1933 shootout.

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