What questions do you want to hear city candidates address?

File photo. City council candidates at a recent forum.

File photo. City council candidates at a recent forum.

Midtown groups sponsoring a mayoral and candidate forum want to know what questions you would like candidates to answer.

MainCor, the Broadway Westport Council, the Westport Regional Business League and the Midtown KC Post will sponsor a forum on June 17 from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Uptown Theater.

We’ve invited the candidates for mayor as well as the in-district and at-large candidates. This is your chance to hear their ideas for improving Kansas City; it is also your chance to make sure they address the issues that are most important to residents and businesses of this area.

The general election will take place on June 23, just a week after our forum.

Since there will be a number of candidates and limited time for each to speak, the sponsors are asking Midtown residents and businesses to help us focus in on the most important topics.

The forum moderator will use the input gathered here to ask several questions at the forum. Some questions may be combined and the forum planners will attempt to focus on the questions that are of interest to the most people.

There will be a limited opportunity at the event for audience members to submit questions on index cards.

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