What happened last week in Midtown Kansas City?

Last week in Midtown, stoplights and streetcars…Google Fiber progress and complaints….and a defeat for anti-sagging advocates. These are some of the stories we covered in the Midtown KC Post.

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At city hall, the council got a report on the city’s financial health, hearing its a mixed bag. Citizens also weighed in on proposed changes to the city charter, including the way council districts are defined. And we learned about an unsuccessful proposal to making sagging pants illegal.

As the city reversed its decision to turn off some stoplights, new complaints surfaced from people who agreed with the city’s original decision to turn them off.

Jackson County and health institutions proposed a new tax to fund a health care research institute.

Midtown’s transportation future continued to be a big topic as a Missouri court dismissed a lawsuit that aimed at stopping the downtown streetcar route. Meantime, planners began asking for input into a second set of potential routes, including two in Midtown: Main Street and 31st/Linwood.

The arts commission continued filling in details on its draft report for how the city could grow and nurture artists.

Google continued wiring neighborhoods to its fiber network, but in some neighborhoods residents complained about the contractors who they said were not following proper procedures.

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