Water department issues boil order for parts of Midtown

boil-orderEarlier today part of Midtown experienced low water pressure due to an electrical issue at the water pumping station. Now the city says water service has returned to normal, but it has issued a boil order for the area from SW Trafficway to Holmes Road and 30th Street to 39th Street.

Kansas City Water Services will sample and test the tap water in this area to ensure water quality and safety. It says customers will receive notification from Kansas City Water Services to cease the boil water advisory only after the tap water has been tested and water quality has been confirmed. Customers may contact Water Services with questions or concerns by calling (816) 513-0416 or (816) 573-7000.

Boil Water Advisory Procedures

  • Customers are advised to boil all drinking water. Tap water should be boiled vigorously for three minutes before using it to drink, cook, or prepare food. Let the water cool sufficiently before drinking.
  • Ice made with un-boiled tap water should not be used for drinking purposes.
  • Dishes and food contact surfaces may be disinfected using tap water that contains one teaspoon of household bleach per gallon.
  • The tap water is safe for other purposes such as bathing; however, small children should be discouraged from swallowing bath water.
  • Water boiled for drinking and cooking purposes may be used for brushing teeth.


  1. MonoStereo says:

    Thanks for posting about this – you guys were actually the first place I heard about it.

    Any updates? I haven’t seen anything on Twitter/Facebook/etc.

  2. Buck Sommerkamp says:

    They canceled the boil order this morning. I can’t believe it took that long to figure things out…but we’re in the clear now.

  3. John Reynolds says:

    Was there ever a risk of exposure? Or was this all just precautionary? I have a newborn…

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