Want to help with the city’s litter index?

This map shows the 2011 litter index. Midtown is shown in dark green, indicating it has the least amount of litter relative to other areas of the city. The areas shown in brown are rated as having the most litter.

Bridging the Gap is looking for volunteers to help with the annual litter index.

The index is a tool designed by Keep America Beautiful to score the amount of visible litter across the country.

Volunteers will attend a training on March 23, and then work in car-based teams to observe and score litter in various neighborhoods. During the survey, the teams score a statistical sample of five percent of streets in the city, using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to map the results.

Kansas City’s litter score has been generally improving since scoring began in 2001. That year, the overall city score was 2.12, with the score at 1.44 in 2012. (A score of one means “no litter,” two “slightly littered,” three “littered,” and four “extremely littered.”)


Training for the litter index: Saturday, March 23, 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM | Rockhurst University, 1115 Rockhurst Road

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