Unconventional bank robber pleads guilty

A somewhat conflicted and inept bank robber pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court in Kansas City.

Lorene Harris, 54, admitted he stole $3,000 from the Bank of America, 6320 Prospect Ave., on Aug. 4, 2014.

He could have stolen $5,000, but told the clerk to take some money back.

Also from a media release by federal prosecutors:

He entered the bank and told a teller, “Give me money.”

The teller asked if it was a robbery and Harris said it was. The teller asked if he had “a note or something.”

Harris asked for paper and wrote a note asking for money. The teller put $5,000 on the counter, Harris said give him less and the clerk took back $2,000.

“Harris then asked what he should do next. He indicated he would wait outside; however; he fled from the bank on foot.”

He was identified from surveillance photos and arrested the next day in Raytown.

That happened after police and paramedics responded to a convenience store, where Harris was complaining of chest pains.

He told officers he robbed the bank the day before.

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