UMKC program helps students earn associate degree

reverse-transferIn a push to increase the number of students with an associate degree, UMKC is joining other schools in a new statewide reverse transfer program.

Education officials across the state worked to get reverse transfer legislation passed in 2012. It was aimed at helping students who begin earning credits at a two-year college and then transfer to a university.  It makes their university credits transferable so that they can be used toward a two-year degree even if they fail to earn a four-year degree or while they are working toward one.

Educational officials say that’s important because many times students earn enough credits for an associate degree but never receive one. An associate degree can help students qualify for more job opportunities and higher pay.

After a successful year-long pilot project, the program has been expanded to include all public colleges and universities and participating independent higher education institutions in Missouri.

More information about the Missouri Reverse Transfer Program can be found at or

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