Tree benefits branch far

treesSpring is almost here, and it may be time for a little tree worship.

After all, being around them lowers blood pressure, makes for more enthusiastic employees and reduces symptoms of ADHD in children – and that is just the start.

The Missouri Conservation Department has gone promotional with its Trees Work campaign.

The educational effort is to increase awareness of the benefits of trees and forests, according to a department press release.

Among ways that trees work:

–      Seeing them can improve worker attendance and performance.

–      Hospital patients with views of trees through windows recover from surgery faster and require fewer pain relievers.

–      People who commute along tree-lined roads are calmer (lower pulse and blood pressure) and drive less aggressively than those driving on roads with fewer trees.

–      Trees along streets raise home values by an average of $8,000,

–      A 100-foot long planting of tall trees can reduce loudness by 50 percent.

–      Because tree lined streets are more walkable, they help people lose weight and improve heart health.

–      Contact with nature helps children develop imagination, creativity, intellectual capacity and social relationships.

To order Trees Work posters and get more information on trees and forests, go to

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  1. Maria Ferreira says:

    I tried to share this article in my Facebook timeline, but it seems not possible? It was my desire that people in my country – Paraguay, South America – could read it, as they are experiencing down there an irresponsible and insensitive deforestation of the country´s national parks. Wonderful article!!

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