Time to review the winter weather parking rules

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Just a reminder: if the expected winter storm hits us over the weekend, the city’s snow parking procedures go into effect.

Here’s a list of tips from the city.

  • Avoid parking on City streets when it snows, but if you must, please use the north or west side of the street so snow removal crews can do their job. If  vehicles are parked on both sides of a narrow street, it may not leave enough space for a snowplow, and that street might get skipped
  • Do not park on signed emergency snow routes. Vehicles parked on these routes may be ticketed or towed during snowstorms.
  • Please wait 36 hours after snow stops falling to call 311 or tweet to @KCMO311 about slick spots or missed streets. This allows snow removal crews adequate time to complete multiple passes on all assigned snow routes. If a crew is taken off of its assigned route to take individual requests, it will delay the entire snow operation.
  • Keep children from playing in snow banks along the road. It’s enticing—because the large piles of snow seem like a giant fort—but very dangerous; children may tumble onto the road in front of cars or snow plows.
  • Avoid driving during snow events, but if you must go out, keep water and blankets or an extra coat in your car for warmth, and keep the gas tank full.
  • Make sure your vehicle has adequate tire tread to avoid getting stuck.
  • Keep a snow shovel in your trunk. You never know when you might need one during your travels.
  • When shoveling the end of your driveway where it meets the road, also clear a 10-foot strip along the curb to the left (when facing the road) to avoid snow plows pushing it back across your driveway. Video
  • Be a good neighbor and remove snow and ice from any sidewalks on your property, whether residential or business, within a reasonable time after a snowfall.

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