Tattoo parlor owner charged with digital peeping

untitled-(11-of-11)The owner of a tattoo parlor on Troost Avenue faces multiple counts of spying on people in an apartment in his building.

Rodney S. Sanell, 48, is charged with 42 counts of invasion of privacy for using cameras that recorded five victims partially or fully nude.

Police found 11 cameras hidden in the 4101 Troost Ave. apartment of a woman employee Sanell had unsuccessfully tried to date.

Also from court records and media releases from Jackson County prosecutors:

After victims discovered cameras, a victim said Sanell expressed remorse through his maintenance man and offered her money not to sue.

She said the maintenance man told her Sanell did it because “he felt like God and he felt super powerful.”

The 25-year-old woman who rented the apartment contacted police after discovering some cameras.

Police found Sanell had purchased multiple cameras and connected them to his monitor. The cameras included four in smoke detectors and seven others, including some in the bathroom and bedroom.

His digital hard drive showed the victims in various states of undress.


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