Share your local shopping tips with other Midtowners

Photo used under a Creative Commons license courtesy Christmas Stock Images,

A few weeks ago, we shared a Facebook idea that was being circulated – local holiday buying. The Facebook post encouraged people to buy their holiday gifts from small businesses and self-employed people.

That generated talk among our readers, who submitted a list of local shopping ideas. Now at the Midtown KC Post website, we’ve started a forum where readers can share more ideas for local businesses, services and gifts that are made and sold locally.

To reach our forum, go to and click on discussions. and you’ll fidn the “local shopping” forum.

Ideas already submitted:

  • Pryde’s of Westport
  • bon bon atelier, Westport
  • Prospero’s Bookstores
  • Planters in the River Market
  • “Notes to Self” socks at St. Luke’s and KUMed

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