Second Westport schools repurposing meeting April 6

Westport High School, closed June 3, 2010, may soon have a new life.

The public has a second chance to hear from the two developers short-listed for possible redevelopment of Westport High School and Westport Middle schools.

The two schools are among the surplus schools the Kansas City School District has put up for sale to developers. The district is using input from the community as one factor in making decisions on sale of the schools.

The two developers previously presented their ideas for the schools on August 25, 2012. The district and the public requested additional information, which is to be presented at the April 6 meeting.

Those attending the meeting will also have a chance to question developers and provide feedback to the district on the proposals.

When they presented their plans in August, here is what the two developers proposed:

  • KC Sustainable Development Partners: Westport High School redevelopment would be centered around a new pilot private school. The middle school would house local nonprofits, some of whom have already agreed to move or are considering the relocation. The developers also have an agreement with Cultivate KC to build an urban agricultural center on the middle school site, including community gardens and orchards and space for conducting training in urban agriculture.
  • Foutch Brothers, LLC: Westport High School would be converted to 150 market-rate residential housing units along the outside of the building, with a fitness center (open to the community) and perhaps offices for small businesses in the interior. The developer would keep the outdoor football and soccer fields, making them available for rental to anyone in the community, and might add an outdoor pool. The middle school would also become market-rate residential units mixed with office space, a pool and fitness center.


  • Westport High and Middle Proposal Presentations
  • Sat, April 6, 2013
  • 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
  • Redeemer Fellowship, 3921 Baltimore

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