School district sees improvement, need to improve in test scores

kcps-logoThe Kansas City School District says students have improved in their English language skills, but did not make as much progress as the district had hoped to make in math.

The comments came today with the release of 2015 Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) standardized test scores.

“On the positive side, many KCPS students improved notably in English language arts. The number of students who are proficient or advanced in English is at 32 percent, an increase of 5 percent. Students, teachers, administrators and support staff worked hard to improve reading and writing last school year, and that work paid off. KCPS will continue to make this a focus in every classroom in order to gain even more ground,” the district said in a press release.

“The 2015 MAP assessments did not reach the levels KCPS worked towards in math. About 22 percent of KCPS students are considered proficient or advanced in that subject, a decline of more than 5 percent. KCPS will take steps to improve math results by using the same types of classroom tools and techniques that helped nurture the growth students had in English language arts.”

The district says the 2015 exams were changed, “with tougher content based on the new Common Core academic standards,” so this year’s scores cannot be compared to previous years. For example, this year the exams were given completely online, and the district says some students may still be struggling with the new testing format. So KCPS wants to wait another year before drawing concrete conclusions about academic progress.

“We must and will improve,”Interim Superintendent Allan Tunis said. “Our team of educators is adaptable and will move swiftly to put in place the best classroom tools and techniques. We will maintain our laser-like focus on helping every individual student increase his or her academic achievement.”

Board of Directors Chair Jon Hile also expressed optimism about the future of KCPS.

“We are encouraged by the progress made in some key areas of assessment. These gains are evidence that the work put in by our staff, students, and families is having an impact,” Mr. Hile said. “We are also mindful that some of these results indicate a need to improve in other important subjects. We are encouraged, mindful of the hard work ahead, and we will continue to work hard to improve.”

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