School district expands adult, youth literacy push

The Kansas City school district is expanding its efforts to help students and adults get their GED.

The district says it wants to add 400 new youth and adults to its Adult Education and Literacy Program by May 2014.

The program serves adults seeking their high school equivalency/GED, as well as high school students that lack the credits needed to graduate with their class, according to the district. The program currently serves 450 youth and adults.

“While these students often do not impact KCPS’ traditional statistics, their educational success means stronger families,” said Superintendent R. Stephen Green said in a press release. “The better educated the adults are in a given household, the more likely they’ll support the achievement of our current elementary and high school students who depend on them. And in the end, our community will benefit from an educated populace.”

The district says it is recruiting through traditional advertising, at job centers and job fairs, and through nonprofit groups.

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