Results of our poll: Home phone service after Google Fiber

Many Midtown residents are pre-registering for the new Google Fiber high-speed Internet and television package, which should be available late this year or early next year. Many of those folks currently have bundled packages that include Internet, cable television and phone service. They’re wondering what to do when they switch to Google Fiber, which does not offer a phone service.

Last week, we asked readers what they would do for home phone service when they switch to Google Fiber from their current Internet and television provider. Several readers immediately replied that they had cut off home phone services years ago and rely solely on a cell phone.

For those who still have both a home phone and a cell phone,

  • 61% said they will drop their home phone service and rely solely on a cell phone.
  • 16% said they would look for another provider of home phone service.
  • 22% said they would stay with their current home phone provider.

Google Fiber will begin wiring neighborhoods that have pre-registered to show they have interest in the service this fall.

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