Restaurant community rallies to support JJs workers

A new Facebook page is now set up to coordinate fundraising for employees of JJs, and by yesterday evening more than a thousand people had liked the page.

JJs was a popular Plaza restaurant that was leveled by a gasline explosion this week. One employee was killed and several remain in area hospitals.

The fonders of the page have asked other restaurant workers to contribute a percentage of their tips on Saturday. The funds will be used to help former JJs employees who have extended hospital stays.

It was set up, the page says, by three small business owners “who have spent many years in the front of the house.” According to Charles Ferruzza at The Pitch, they include longtime restaurant veteran Brian Wilson (currently working at the Plaza III restaurant), chef Terry Mille (of the Cowtown Cheesecake Company) and Duane Daugherty.

According to the page, several additional fundraising efforts are planned:

  • A JJs bartender is organizing a fundraiser at the Uptown Theater on March 4.
  • Fric and Frac is planning an event on March 4.
  • An indiegogo site has raised more than $12,000


More details from The Pitch

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