Relax: Too much to do a major cause of stress

talk-a-walkToo many responsibilities, financial problems and health problems are major causes of stress, according to a recent poll.

About half the public reported a major stressful event or experience in the past year in the poll of 2,500 adults.

Results were released last month by NPR/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Harvard School of Public Health.

More than half of those stressed in the past month say too many responsibilities and financial problems contributed (54% and 53%).

Nearly half (43%) said the most stressful experience was related to health.

People in poor health are more than twice as likely as others to report a great deal of stress in the last month (60%).

Other groups likely to report a great deal of stress include the disabled (45 percent), parents of teens (34 percent) and single parents (35 percent).

The poll report cited today in Science News said stress can result in sleep problems (56%) and difficulty in thinking, concentrating or making decisions (50%).

More than four in 10 people under stress in the last month reported it made it harder to get along with family members and prevented them from spending time with family members.

People tried to reduce stress by spending time outdoors, time on a hobby or other ways.

But less than half took steps that experts recommend, such as regular exercise and regularly getting a full night’s sleep.

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