Public gives more input into developing Midtown-Plaza plan

Residents of the Midtown area, from 31st to 55th and from State Line to Prospect, meet last week to continue giving input to the Midtown-Plaza area plan development.

At the second public meeting, planners recapped the comments from the first public meeting, and then asked participants to comment on five goals developed by the plan’s steering committee.

According to planners, comments from the first meeting had several themes. First, people in Midtown think of the diversity of people, places, businesses, experience, and economy as the most important asset of the area. They also identify the proximity and easy access to other parts of the city as a reason they enjoying living and working in Midtown. Another important feature, they said, is the sense of place that comes from the history and preservation of Midtown, the design of its public spaces, and its look and feel.

Planners said in addition to gathering public comments, they are doing surveys of both residents and businesses.

The next meeting is set for April 26 from 6 to 8 p.m.


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