Police report increase in theft of cars left to warm up

policeThe police department is warning people – once again – not to tempt criminals by leaving unattended vehicles warming up in the driveway. And the police are stressing that insurance companies will not cover cars stolen in this situation.

In his regular crime update, Office Jim Schriever says area law enforcement agencies are seeing an increase in the theft of vehicles that have been left running.

“Not only is it tempting to the criminals, but is a violation of city ordinance,” Schriever says. “Recently detectives had the opportunity to interview a habitual auto theft suspect who proudly stated, ‘If they (citizens) give me the opportunity, I’m going to steal it.’ ”

He reminds residents there is also a city ordinance that prohibits a vehicle from being left running while unattended without the use of a remote starting device.

“Many insurance companies will not cover losses of vehicles taken while left running since the violation of a city ordinance was a contributing factor in the loss,” Schriever says. “To get around this, many victims will give false statements to police regarding the incidents leading up to the theft. These false statements could lead to charges of filing a false police report to insurance fraud.”


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