How to pick a school in Kansas City – parents “school swap” tonight

How to pick a school in Kansas CityParents, if how to pick a school in Kansas City is keeping you up at night, you now have help.

“Parents are a great resource for one another,” says Tricia Johnson.

That’s what led her to help found Show Me KC Schools, a group that’s hosting its first “school swap” tonight.

It is just the thing many parents have been looking for – a chance to get together with other parents to share what they know about the various schools in Kansas City, to help them make a choice about which of the 92 elementary, middle and high schools serving the city is best for their kids.

Johnson, who recently moved to the Brookside-Waldo area from Southern California, has taught school both in the United States and abroad. When she and her husband moved to Kansas City in 2009, they were like many others struggling to figure out the complexities of the school district and various options.

“There are lots of nuances,” Johnson says, when searching for the right school. Kansas City parents can send their kids to a comprehensive elementary school, and signature school, and charter school, a parachial or a private school. But it is hard to find a single source of information. Johnson and her husband have started the Show Me KC Schools website to try to make it somewhat less complicated.

They launched the site in October, and now have lists and maps of schools, test results and an application calendar.

But tonight they’re going a step further and hosting a face-to-face meet-up for parents at the Starbucks at 41st and Main at 7:30 p.m.

They plan to do additional school swaps on a monthly basis throughout the spring.

“We really have no idea what kind of turnout to expect,” she says.

But Johnson feels there is momentum right now for parents to work together to improve the schools where their children are going and to find ways to improve urban schools rather than moving out of the city.




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