Paul Mesner Puppets invites toddlers to experience live theater

At two Paul Mesner Puppet Theater shows this season, toddlers do not need to stay in their seats. Two special productions, “Bark, George” and “The Comical Adventures of Old Mother Hubbard and her Dog” are geared to the age three and under crowd.

As the Paul Mesner Puppets kick off their 25th season, they’re trying something new –gearing two productions to the younger set. The infant to three year old set, to be exact. The theater at 1006 E. Linwood is inviting parents to find out if their young children are ready for live theater.

The current production, running through September 22, is “Bark, George,” a story by Jules Feiffer specifically developed for kids age three and under. Paul Mesner says he followed some very simple rules to make the piece appealing to youngsters.

“You don’t turn the lights off. You arrange the seating so everyone’s a little closer but not too close,” he said. “Little kids may stand and watch a show, but they will not sit and watch a show. I’m going to try to create a toddler mosh pit.”

Mesner says “Bark, Georgeand a later production of “The Comical Adventures of Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog (January 3-12, 2013) are both aimed at these young audiences. They are both shorter, more visual and use less complex language than adult shows.

“Early brain research says little tiny kids can learn lots of lessons, they can learn what’s good and bad from the behavior of a puppet,” Mesner said.

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