New effort to raise money to repair fountains

A new effort to raise money to repair eight Kansas City fountains kicked off yesterday. You may run into a “splash mob” at a fountain, made up of these young people from Arts Tech getting the word out about the need for fountain repairs.

The City of Fountains Foundation on Sunday launched a $2.7 million fund raiser for repairs to eight fountains.

In a day-long Union Station event that included bike rides and trolley tours of fountains, the non-profit foundation also celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Foundation President Charles Cassias Jr. said the group was formed to help preserve aging fountains in a city overflowing with fountains.

City park officials say they manage basic care of the city’s 48 fountains but half are at the point where they need more than that.

Cassias said, “the affects of freezing and thawing are not kind,” pipes wear out, and concrete and stones crack, and bronze statues need repair.

He pointed to the fountain in front of Union Station and noted that it has 282 jets to maintain.

The foundation hopes to raise the money in a year to 18 months to fund repairs to the eight fountains.

Among them is the Seville Light fountain at the east entrance to the Country Club Plaza, which has been turned off since 2006. It alone needs $500,000 in work.

Businesses and citizens will be hit up for donations and groups of young artists called splash mobs will perform at fountains.

Donations can be made on-line at There is a contributions portal on there though

To schedule a presentation for larger donation, contact Stacey 816-561-7555.

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