Modern electric car charges in 90-year-old Midtown garage

Leslie and Jeb Bayer put a charging station for their new electric Nissan Leaf in their historic Hyde Park garage.

The fact that they live in a historic home in Hyde Park didn’t deter this Midtown couple from buying an electric car.

In fact, Leslie and Jeb Bayer have found that the electric charging station they recently installed in their garage fits in just fine.

Jeb had been looking at electric cars for several years, and decided to buy one last month.

Studies show that sale of the cars, now sold by Nissan, Chevrolet, Tesla and other companies, are lagging because some drivers have no place to park and charge them.

Electric car charging stations in Midtown include several at UMKC and one at the Walgreens at 39th and Broadway. Map courtesy

“For electric cars to be more common, there will have to be more charging stations,” Jeb Bayer said.

But the Bayers solved the problem for now by adding a charging station to their garage.

Bayer drives the car to and from his office on the Plaza. With an average charge giving him 70 to 90 miles of driving, he finds he needs to recharge the car in his garage about once a week.

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