Midtown says goodbye to Officer Schriever

schriever-says-goodbyeOfficer Jim Schriever put on his police uniform for one of the last times, as Midtown groups hosted a goodbye party for him on Wednesday.

The Broadway Westport Council and MainCor paid tribute to Schriever’s 10 years as community liaison to residents who live within the Central Patrol District.

Councilwoman Jan Marcason presented Schriever with a proclamation from the city. She thanked him for the way he has embraced community policing and made each neighborhood feel like he was working especially for its members.

Schriever is retiring from the force but he says he will still be working. He has taken a new position with Aflac insurance, where he will be working alongside his wife. The couple is also restoring a ’61 Lincoln.

Central Patrol will say goodbye to Schriever on May 15, his last day on the job.

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  1. Tom Roberts says:

    Our community owes a lot to MPO Schriever for the passion he brought to the pursuit of public safety and improved quality of life in our neighborhoods. He gets it, and got it done.

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