Midtown Plaza planners get input from northeast subarea

Residents of the Midtown Plaza northeast subarea – from 31st Street to 43rd Street and Gillham Road to the Paseo – marked up maps and shared ideas for future planning in their section of the city last night.

The meeting was part of the newest round of Midtown Plaza Area Plan meetings.

“We’re trying to create a single document that works for the development community, the city council and citizens,” said City Planning Director Bob Langenkamp.

The city planning staff recapped previous input from residents of the area, including concerns about traffic and parking, ideas for redevelopment and strengthening neighborhoods.

Residents looked at draft plans developed by consultants and then added their ideas about land use, transportation, housing and economic development.

There are four additional meetings to look at other subareas of Midtown scheduled this week and later in November. 

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