Midtown Millennials, talk to us

Kansas City did not make the list of the 10 best cities for millennials – 18 to 29 year olds –published last week by the Wall Street Journal. The cities that DID rate highly offer a combination of low rents, low home prices, and low unemployment rate. They also offer lots of opportunity for entertainment and culture. The Midtown KC Post wants to hear from our millennials about how you think Midtown stacks up.

Millennials – young people aged 18-29 – like affordable housing, parks, and outdoor activities. We want to know how they think Kansas City stacks up to other cities across the country, and what could make it better. Photo by midtownkcpost at the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival.

Being a baby boomer myself, I know a lot about what my age group considers important. But the majority of people following the Midtown KC Post are much younger: 48 percent of our readers are under 34 years of age. And you younger folks may not believe it, but we know it’s important to the future of Midtown for us to get to know you, understand your needs and work together to make Midtown stronger.

To get the conversation rolling, here’s an overview of what move.com’s Millennial Study said about millennial behavior in other cities:

  • 18-29 year olds are attracted to cities with affordable housing, lower employment rates, great nightlife and lots of things to do.
  • Younger folks value nature centers, zoos, parks and other outdoor options.
  • Travel time to work, and the option for walking and using public transportation are important.
  • Millennials like living around universities and college-educated people.

So tell us, Midtown Millennials, how do you think we stack up? What could bring more young, lively people to Midtown (yes, many of us would welcome that)? Where is Kansas City strong, and where is it not so strong? What would keep you here and what would cause you to move?

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