Midtown has new city council representatives

untitled-(3-of-7)Many predicted the 4th district council race between incumbent Jim Glover and challenger Kathryn Shields would be a tight one, and it was. When the voters were counted last night, Shields had edged out Glover, with each taking fifty percent of the votes. Shields gathered 16,496 votes to Glovers’ 16,386.

Shields will serve much of Midtown as the new 4th district council member. She’ll be joined by Jolie Justus as the in-district representative. Justus easily defeated John Fierro by a 74-13 percent margin. Current council member Jan Marcason is term limited and was not eligible to run.

In a race that was no surprise, Mayor Sly James easily racked up 87 percent of the vote, winning himself a second term.

In the 3rd district, political newcomer Quinton Lucas will join the council in the at-large seat, serving alongside Jermaine Reed, who was reelected.

Despite several pushes to improve voter turnout, only 13 percent of eligible voters got to the polls in Jackson County.

Here are the other results of the city election:

At large races

  • 1st district: Scott Wagner
  • 2nd District: Teresa Loar
  • 5th District: Lee Barnes
  • 6th District: Scott Wagner

In district races

  • 1st District: Heather Hall
  • 2nd District: Dan Fowler
  • 5th District: Alissia Canady
  • 6th District: Kevin McManus

Voters also chose to retain six municipal who were up for reelection, including housing count judge Todd Wilcher. Freedom Inc., the black political group, launched a campaign urging voters not to retain Wilcher.

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