Midtown fountain lovers, here’s a new puzzle for you

The third fountain contest begins today, with the first person to send us the address of this Midtown fountain winning two tickets to the Jiggle Jam Family Fest over Memorial Day weekend.

The contests will start each Wednesday until May 8, with the winners and history of the fountains announced in a story the following Monday.

The contests are intended to allow people to show off their knowledge and to call attention to the city’s fountains.

About half of the 48 fountains need repair and the City of Fountains Foundation is trying to raise about $2.7 million to repair the eight fountains in the most need.

E-mail contest entries to mjdraper@midtownkcpost.com, with your address so we can mail you the tickets.


  • To enter our fountain contest, watch for the clue each Wednesday. If you can identify the section of fountain in the photo, email your answer to mjdraper@midtownkcpostcom.
  • Winners will be announced on Monday, along with a detailed profile of the fountain
  • Winners will receive two tickets to the Jiggle Jam fest over Memorial Day weekend, which unfolds around the fountain at Crown Center.

To make a donation for fountain repair:

  • Send to City of Fountains Foundation, 4049 Central, 64111.

Jingle Jam Family Music Festival

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