Metro wants input on proposed MAX service on Prospect

With popular MAX bus service now running on Main Street and Troost Avenue, the Area Transit Authority is ready to consider adding a MAX line on Prospect.

The study would look at enhanced transit service on the Prospect corridor from downtown to about 85th Street.

The community is asked to give feedback on the proposal at a public meeting from 5 to 7 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 22, at the Emmanuel’s Community Center, 3510 Prospect.

The Prospect Corridor is served by KCATA’s second busiest route, 71-Prospect, with about 6,000 passengers on a typical weekday, according to the ATA.

The Jackson County Commuter Corridors US-71 Transit Study earlier this year identified MAX on Prospect as the locally preferred alternative for a major transit enhancement in the US 71/Prospect Ave. corridor.  MAX service on Prospect could include enhanced passenger stations, electronic real-time bus arrival signs, distinctive new buses and faster, more reliable service, the ATA said.

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