Mayor says residents may see property tax savings

Kansas City residents owe property tax payments for 2013 on December 31.

And there’s some good news about that, the mayor says.

As a result of the approval of Question 1 in August, three different property taxes were eliminated and will not appear on this year’s bill.

According to the city, voters were asked to approve a ½ cent sales tax to fund the Parks and Recreation department and help create a dedicated street maintenance fund. To offset that burden, the city agreed to reform the tax code by eliminating three different property taxes: the trafficway maintenance tax, the park and boulevard maintenance tax, and the boulevard front foot assessment.  For example, residents with a home valued at $200,000 and a vehicle valued at $35,000 would see tax relief in the amount of $92.17.  Additionally, the $12.50 motor vehicle fee was not renewed as part of that vote.

“I want Kansas Citians to know their government kept its promises and is being efficient with their hard-earned tax dollars,” the mayor said. “That’s what trust is all about.”

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