Man gets 25 years for second knife attack

loveladyA Jackson County judge on Friday sentenced a Kansas City man to 25 years for attacking a man with a butcher knife

For Gary Lovelady, 50, it will be his second long prison term for a knife attack.

In 1985, he was convicted of robbery and other charges after he cut the finger off a 76-year-old woman to steal her rings.

In this case, a judge convicted him in December of first-degree assault and armed criminal action for repeatedly cutting a man on April 30, 2014.

According to court records:

Lovelady was at the victim’s home at 46th and Chestnut streets. Lovelady, the victim said, had been seeking a relationship with the victim’s wife.

Lovelady went into the bedroom with a knife, shoved down the woman and threatened to kill her, the victim said.

The victim got Lovelady outside, where the assailant stabbed and cut the arm and hands of the fighting victim until a homeless man intervened and knocked the knife away.

The victim said he bit Lovelady and grabbed his genitals and was able to escape.

Another witness in the house, presumably the victim’s wife, told police that she and Lovelady were in the house reading when her husband came home.

Lovelady went to use the bathroom, she said, and a short time later she heard the victim yelling at Lovelady to come back. Then she saw her husband  bleeding from cuts and saw Lovelady with a knife.

Lovelady looked at her and said, “now I’m going to do you,” she said, and she ran away and hid in a closet.

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