Man charged with inept Brookside bank heist

Banks may be where the money is, but a Kansas City robber got little from a Brookside bank and not for long.

Frank L. White, 35, was charged in federal court today with stealing $1,971 on Saturday from Commerce Bank, 6336 Brookside Place.

According to federal prosecutors and court records:

White approached a teller, fumbling with a piece of lined notebook paper he could not get open.

The teller locked her bottom teller drawer and activated an alarm.

White demanded money. The teller gave him all of it in her top drawer and he left.

Police saw him walking fast on 65th Street across Holmes and he ran through the back yard of a home.

Officers chased him on foot. They saw a broken rear door window on East 65th Terrace, and the homeowner was in the front yard pointing in the direction White ran.

He said White had broken into his home, claimed to have a gun and demanded car keys. The homeowner told him, “No, get out of my house,” and White left.

Police arrested him in the back of another residence on East 65th Terrace.

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