KC to be smartest of cities in one way

smart-cityThe city council Thursday approved spending $3.7 million that officials say will give it the largest “smart city” network in North America.

Cisco Systems is to spend about $12 million more and partner with the city in the system to be built around the 2-mile downtown streetcar system.

It involves free public Wi-Fi and 25 interactive digital kiosks to access information about local cultural events, entertainment, restaurants and city services.

Transactions can also link to smart phone applications, according to a city report.

For instance, a visitor will be able to buy a ticket to a performance at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center or other event.

It will also provide information to city and streetcar officials about ridership needs and safety issues.

The public-private agreement led by Ashley Hand, the city’s chief innovation officer, was shaped over many months, said Mayor Sly James, and helps establish the city as a digital technology leader.

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