Jackson County prosecutor running for re-election

Jean Peters Baker.

Jean Peters Baker.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker filed for re-election this morning.

“Much has been done but there is still much to do…,” she says in a media release, and cites her reputation as one of toughness and innovation.

Also from the release:

She helped forged partnerships with police, federal prosecutors and community members to create the Kansas City No Violence Alliance, which has become a national violence reduction model.

And she was the first prosecutor in the county to hold a high-ranking Catholic Church official accountable for failing to report potential child abuse.

In 2012, a judge convicted Bishop Robert Finn of one misdemeanor count of failing to report child abuse related to pornographic pictures of girls taken by a priest. Finn resigned last year as head of the diocese in Kansas City.

Peters Baker said today, “We have engaged with members of our community in ways never seen by this office before, including our work with KC NoVA, our strong support of KC Mothers in Charge and our commitment to preventing crime with programs such as Neighborhood Prosecution.”

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