Grant will help public schools boost math and science skills

Photo used under a Creative Commons agreement by AJCann

The Kansas City Public Schools are getting some help in teaching math and science. The school district announced today it received a  $988,000 continuation of the Math/Science 21 grant. The grant allows the schools and community partners to enhance the skills of teachers from kindergarten through eighth grade.

According to a press release:

The grant will support increased student achievement through a series of innovative summer math and science institutes, cutting-edge technological instruction, and videotaped classroom lessons that will be available online. The additional funding will support activities and instruction set into motion when KCPS received its initial three-year, $3.5 million award of the grant in 2011.

The grant will allow KCPS to host a series of Summer Institutes for up to 100 of its teachers and local education providers. Instructional insight gained during those institutes is directly used in classrooms daily. Families will be able to learn more during a Family Fun Math & Science Night, 6 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 29, at Richardson Teaching and Learning Center, 3515 Park Ave., Kansas City, Mo. This event, made possible by Math/Science 21 grant money, will feature engaging and educational activities for children, including Mad Science booths, dry ice demonstrations, and activities sponsored by Science Pioneers and Union Station Science City.

“The Midwest, most notably Kansas City, is rapidly becoming a math and science hub for our nation. It is imperative our schools provide the highest quality instruction to allow our young men and women to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity,” said Dr. R. Stephen Green, KCPS superintendent. “This wonderful collaborative partnership will help the region develop teachers that can help our students not only today, but well into the future.”

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