Gordon Parks school supporters continue fight

The effort to save the Gordon Parks charter school in the Volker neighborhood is continuing, with a new website and video stories aimed at telling the school’s stories.

In May, the state Board of Education surprised the Midtown school when it revoked its charter. A state judge later issued a temporary order putting the state board’s decision on hold until a July 25th hearing in Jefferson City.

“We will make a compelling case that the judge’s order should be made permanent and that Gordon Parks’ charter should be renewed,” the group fighting to save the school says on its website.

Board President Doug Curry in an email is encouraging the community to join the fight.

“No member of the State Board of Education has set foot inside Gordon Parks. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, which works for the State Board, also has never visited our school,” he says.

Therefore, the supporters have produced video stories like the one above they hope will help show what happens inside the school.  So we have produced video stories for the website, showing what happens inside the school on a day-to-day basis.

“With the video stories, now the State Board and DESE (The Department of Elementary and Secondary Educations) may finally get a look at the real work of Gordon Parks beyond impersonal stacks of bureaucratic data. Now they can look into the eyes of the children, parents and supporters who love our school and have joined the fight to save it,” Curry said in his email.

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