Google Fiber mania in Midtown – the competition is hot

Google Fiber has set up shop in Midtown – and opened the floodgates for neighborhoods to pre-register.

We’re seeing lots of action on the neighborhood Google groups and websites this afternoon as everyone rallies to get pre-registered for Google Fiber. As we reported earlier, Midtown neighborhoods are among the first to qualify. The neighborhoods that get 40-80 people to sign up will be the first to get the service.

Google announced one neighborhood, Hanover Heights, qualified just after 1 p.m. today. Anyone know where Hannover Heights is? Must be in Kansas City, Kansas.

Let us know what your neighborhood is doing. We want to keep up with all the action. And, good luck, everyone.

Correction: It’s Hanover Heights, not Hannover. and it’s the small area located just south of the University of Kansas Hospital and University of Kansas Medical Center. according tho the Kansas City Kansan.

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