Fountain celebrates goddess of the moon

For the first time in eight fountain contests, no one could identify last week’s fountain.

It is the fountain of Diana, Roman goddess of the moon and more, outside the Intercontinental Hotel, 401 Ward Parkway.

Diana is surrounded by cherubs in a basin of water in front of what is among the largest decorative waterfalls, the 17 feet tall and 56 feet wide waterfall at the hotel that overlooks the plaza.

The Diana fountain was a feature of what was the Alameda Plaza hotel when it opened in 1972.

As for the goddess herself, she has played an interesting role throughout history. She was originally a goddess of the hunt but her duties soon expanded to the moon and to being the virgin goddess of childbirth, according to Wikipedia.

Among other attributes from it:

Diana, brother of the sun god Apollo, became associated with ensuring the succession of kings and preserving humanity by protecting childbirth.

Through the centuries, she has been featured in many cults and there is a branch of wicca named after her.

In the old Italian religion, Stregheria, she was queen of the witches, portrayed as wise women healers of their time.

Since the Renaissance, she has frequently been portrayed in art and literature.

About half the fountains need repair and the City of Fountains Foundation is attempting to raise $2.7 million for repairs to eight of those in the most need.

Donations for fountain repair can be sent to City of Fountains Foundation, 4049 Central, Kansas City, Mo.

We’ll have another clue on Wednesday, and we’ll try to make it easier to guess.

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