DNA leads to charges in brutal sex attack

williamsJackson County prosecutors have used DNA evidence to charge a Kansas City man with kidnapping, robbing and repeatedly raping a woman in 1987.

During the attack, Vincent E. Williams, 49, also beat the 31-year-old woman and locked her in a car trunk between sexual assaults, according to court records.

Williams, who was in prison for another rape, is now charged with robbery, three counts of rape and two counts of sodomy.

According to court records:

The victim said her purse was stolen from the front seat of her car at a liquor store at 801 Southwest Blvd. and she got into her car and followed the thief.

When he tossed the purse on the street and ran into an alley, she got out to get her purse.

He came back with a gun and ordered her to drive him north on Summit.

While demanding money and jewelry, he beat her,  ordered her to take off her clothes and sexually assaulted her.

He threatened to kill her and forced her into the trunk. Then he drove somewhere and attended what sounded like a party.

He then drove to another place, sexually assaulted her and forced her back into the trunk. He got out at one point, got a case of beer and put it into the trunk with the victim and drove away.

At a trailer park, he got out the beer, told the victim he would kill her if she made any noise, turned up the car radio and left.

After awhile, the victim escaped the trunk, made it to 11th and Broadway and got help from a security guard.

DNA tests on the rape kit matched that of Williams, who denied sex with her but then said he was not certain about that.

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