Developer says Volker 8-unit house is off the table

This vacant lot at 33616 Bell Street in Volker has been the subject of controversy since a developer announced plans last year to build an 8-unit house on the site. Now, after several meetings with neighbors, the developer says he will instead consider building two or three smaller houses on the site.

The developer who had proposed building an 8-unit house in the Volker neighborhood says after meeting with neighbors, he has changed his plan.

Qamar Khan said that he and architect Mike Jantsch recently met twice with the neighborhood and then with a smaller group of residents

“The neighborhood voice was heard,” he said.

The property has been the subject of protests from the Volker Neighborhood Association, which objected to the size and scale of a proposed “multi-unit house.” The neighborhood said the building resembled a motel, which was out of keeping with a residential neighborhood.  It was proposed to contain eight separate residential units.

Last fall, the city denied a building permit for the project due to a failure to meet zoning requirements. The city said the developers could either revise the application or appeal the decision to the Board of Zoning Adjustment.

Khan said after meeting this month with residents, “we don’t want to do anything that is offensive to the neighborhood.” Based on suggestions from neighbors at the meeting, Khan says he is considering other options for the site such as two 3-unit houses or 3 duplexes and he’ll continue to meet with neighbors.

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