County has put reassessment changes on website

If you’re in a hurry to see what’s going on with your Jackson County reassessment of your reassessment, the county has posted the new values to its website.

County legislator Scott Burnett advises that if you want to find your new value, click here and then type in your parcel number, which you can find on your assessment notice that came in the mail.

In case you’ve missed previous stories, the county found  problems in its reassessment model used for about 68,000 residential properties, many of them in Midtown. Many residents complained they saw dramatic increases in assessed value, and county officials said recently flaws in their model may have resulted in mistakes in many cases.

They took a second look, and notices of the reassessed reassessments should be in the mail this week, but meantime, you can find them online.

We’ve heard a few folks on neighborhood discussion groups say theirs had gone down since the initial reassessment notice they got in this spring.

We’d like to hear from you if yours has gone up, down or stayed the same. Are you happy with the new assessed value? 

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