Clinic seeing “huge influx” of pregnant cats and newborn kittens

Spring means warmer weather, flowering plants and….kittens. Photo used under a Creative Commons agreement by Jaizi

Spring is kitten season, and we’re having a good one this year.

The Spay and Neuter Clinic says it has seen a huge influx of pregnant cats and newborn kittens coming to its clinic.

“Spring is typically “kitten season”, when many female cats get pregnant and have kittens,” the clinic said in a press release.   “Spaying or neutering your cats is really the only way to avoid unwanted kittens, many of whom unfortunately end up in our local animal shelters.   Kittens can be fixed as early as 3 months of age or at 3 pounds in weight and female cats need to have weaned their kittens prior to surgery.”

The nonprofit clinic is offering a special rate of $20 for either a cat spay or neuter now until the end of June, 2013.

In addition to pets, many neighborhoods in Midtown are seeing new kittens born to feral cats.

SNKC will also lend you a humane trap to catch feral or wild cats that may be living in your neighborhood for a $50 refundable deposit.  Once you catch a feral cat in the trap, SNKC will spay or neuter it for the same $20 fee and also include a rabies shot and an ear tip to identify that cat as having been fixed.

Feral cats, which are so wild that they cannot be touched by humans, can spend their first night at SNKC prior to being re-released the following day back into the same community.


  • Spay & Neuter Kansas City June Cat Specials, now through June 30, 2013
  • $20 for either a cat spay or neuter now until the end of June, 2013.
  • call 816-353-0940
  • Sign up online 

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