City wants entrepreneurs to test ideas for improved services

untitled-(2-of-14)The city says it is looking for partners with innovative ideas for improving city services, creating new jobs, and attracting top talent.

Mayor Sly James has put out the call for entrepreneurs to participate in the 2016 Innovation Partnership Program.

In announcing the second year of the program, James said the city invites entrepreneurs to develop, test and demonstrate ways to help the city improve the quality and efficiency of its services.

In return, the city agrees to test and evaluate the ideas using city infrastructure and data – and possibly buy a the entrepreneur’s product or service if it passes muster.

“Efficiency has been one of my Four E agenda items since 2011. The Innovation Partnership Program is a unique way to explore technology that makes our processes and services better and more efficient,” said Mayor James. “Our reputation as an innovative city is growing, and this partnership between entrepreneurs and City Hall is another way to encourage that innovation.”

After a company called RF365 participated in the program last year, the city bought the company’s software, which helps simplify and streamline the city’s RFP process.


  • The City will accept program applications for 30 days ending on August 15.
  • To apply for the Innovation Partnership Program, companies must complete an online application form.
  • Participants will be judged on a variety of criteria and a select number will be invited to partner with the City for a 12-week period.
  • For more information about the program and to submit an online application, visit:

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