Chance to get rid of tires, paint and electronics on Saturday

aboptOrganizers expect to take in as many a 1000 discarded tires as well as other hard-to-recycle materials at this year’s ABOPT event on Saturday morning, June 7.

ABOPT stands for antifreeze, batteries, oil, paint and tires, just a few of the items that can be dropped off between 8 a.m. and noon Saturday at the Robert J. Mohart Center, 3200 Wayne.

The annual event is also an opportunity to get rid of household leaves and brush Electronics can also be recycled this year, including old computers, cell phones, telephones and copies.

A tax-deductible cash donation of $5 for electronics and $15-$25 for old televisions is suggested. This event is open to households only, not businesses. You must show proof of residence to drop off tires, leaves and brush.

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